Saturday, March 26, 2005

Beware- these are dangerous beasties

Hi Carp lovers- Here is an excerpt I found in The Age on Friday (25 March).

"Consider the humble rabbit, carp or cane toad- seemingly innocuous creatures imported into this country as targets for hunters and fishermen, or in the toad's case, introduced in 1935 to control two insect pests in Queensland's cane fields. (no Queensland jokes....)
In each case, the foreign beasties multiplied beyond reckoning and inflicted great harm to Australia's natural environment - killing or starving native species and causing millions of dollars worth of damage to agricultural crops or fisheries"

This was the interesting bit, I thought. The full article is now on my wall- with a great picture of the European carp- we should scan it in.......

Ah, Carpacopia... [sighs contently]


  • SANDRO & CO!
    Looks like I am a member of a bloggy thingy! And check out my user-name... Woah, I must have been listening to the Chili Peppers when I signed up.
    I love it how carp is an anagram for crap. If this Carpacopia thing ever gets big enough to have merch like hats and legwarmers, can everything have fins? (even the ponchos)
    This Clog is carp-tastic!

    Kimmeaux < it's French, aye?

    By Blogger cantStopAddictedToTheShindig, at 8:19 pm  

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